SKI JAM - XTREME is an arcade runner for WeeklyGameJam's  Week 204 Theme : Downhill.

Standing at the top of the mountain there is only one way to go - Down! Hit Gates and Jumps to boost your speed and ski smart to avoid Trees and make it to the finish line!

Post your high score in the comments below!


Ski Jam Xtreme 37 MB
skijamsetup.exe 22 MB


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Simple concept, but fun with the speed and difficulty increasing over time. I liked the 8-bit style good vibes music. High score was 6794, but I might try again later, once the other entries have been rated. :)

Thanks for playing!

I dig the music :)


thanks for giving it playthrough!

I liked it! My high score is 6231 :)

rad! Better than the play testers scores!